September 5 – 8

The end of the grading period is Friday, September 8th.  ALL late assignments & tasks must be submitted by September 8, 2017Ticket redemption is September 8th.


Any student who has not returned a signed Acknowledge of Receipt for the syllabus will receive an 11% deduction in credit for this employability task (after September 8th).
(Ex: 1 pt would be worth .89)


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Business and Technology
1. When is it better to use a function instead of a formula?
2. Which functions might a young adult use?
3. What is the value of time? Of money?

Job 31 (SUM)
Job 32 (AVG)
Job 33 (MIN/MAX)
Job 34 (MIN/MAX)
Job 36 (PMT)


Business Communications
1. Why is it important to plan prior to creating your presentation?
2. What options can be added to your presentation to enhance the topic?
3. Why might you publish your presentation to the World Wide Web?

Module: Creating, Formatting, and Planning a Presentation