August 28 – September 1

Question of the Week: Have you accessed your FREE Office 365 account? Business & Technology
1. How do I enter worksheet formulas?
2. How do I use functions in Microsoft Excel?
3. When is it better to use a function instead of a formula?
4. What are the advantages of using a spreadsheet?

1. Using simple formulas / complex formulas
2. Job #40: Creating a simple formula
3. Job #8 Create and copy a formula
4. Grocery List Assignment
5. Continue with Module (Formulas & Functions)
Complete the Challenge Exercises (create subfolders)

Business Communications
1. What are some formatting techniques to use with presentation software?
2. What communication skills are critical to success in the workplace?
3. How do gestures, eye contact, and body language impact speaking?
4. How do you identify your target audience?
5.What are some reasons professionals would use presentation software at their

1. “Believe You Can” assignment. Presentations begin Thursday.
2. Continue with Module (Text & Objects)
Complete the Challenge Exercises (create subfolders)