December 2017

Dec. 6 Dress for Success!
Dec. 12 Dress for Success! / Final Extended Lab of the Semester
Dec. 13. Mock Interview (Level 3 only)
Dec. 14 Last day to submit missing assignments from the 3rd grading period
Dec. 15 Ticket Redemption / Final Projects due (late projects will NOT be accepted!)
Dec. 18 SPENT Extra credit Opportunity due by the end of class. (email submission)
Dec. 19 Final Exam (1st / 2nd)
Dec. 20 Final Exam (3rd / 4th)



Nov. 6-30

Nov. 7   Student Holiday (no school)
Nov. 17 MOS Certification Exam
Nov. 18 Youth United College Workshop
November 20 – 24 Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 27 Personal Statment due
Nov. 29 November Web Assignment due / Shopping on a Budget Field-trip



Business Communications
1. EOPA Practice / PowerPoint Reinforcement
2. Apply to College slideshow / Personal Statment
3. Career Readiness slideshow

Business and Technology
1. MOS Certification practice / Excel Reinforcement
2. Apply to College slideshow / Personal Statement
3. Career Readiness slideshow


Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

We are entering the final grading period of the semester.
Be proactive about your grades, not reactive. 

untitled-1“My Future’s So bright, I gotta wear shades!” 

Apply to College Week (extra credit opportunity):
1. Wear sunglasses (Friday)( up to 3 points)
2. Wear a college t-shirt (Friday) + share 1 (interesting) fact about the college
(up to 5 points)
3. Create a College Pennant -Due Friday ( up to 10 points)



Business Communications
Slide Master View
Hyperlinks & Action Buttons

Business & Technology
Pivot Tables

October 2 – 13

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Click here to read  more about Cyber Security.

Click here for assignments. Email your completed assignments.  Assignments must be submitted by the start of your class period October 27th.  Assignments submitted after the start of your class are considered LATE, and will receive a deduction in points.



Business and Technology
1. MOS Practice (GMetrix)
2. Calculating simple interest, compound interest(assignments)
3. Calculating finance charges & installment loans (assignment)

Business Communications
1. EOPA Practice (GMetrix)
2. Informative Presentations


September 11 -22

We are entering the

2nd grading period of the semester!

Be PROACTIVE about your grades, not REACTIVE.


*Remember to organize your files, folders, and sub-folders!
**QUIZ: Formulas & Functions (September 21st)

1. Textbook: Guided Practice (Lesson 4 -Using spreadsheet formulas)
2. Project 4-4
3. Project 4-5
4. Critical Thinking Activity 4-1

1. Textbook: Guided Practice (Lesson 5 – Using Functions)
2. Project 5-1
3. Project 5-3
4. Project 5-4


*Remember to organize your files, folders, and sub-folders!
***QUIZ: September 21st (PowerPoint Basics)

1. Module Creating, Formatting, and Planning a Presentation
    (presentations & evaluations)
2. Guided Practice (Lesson 3-Working with visual elements)
3. Critical thinking activity  3-1 (collaborative or individual)
4. Critical Thinking activity 3-3 (collaborative or individual)
*Presentations begin October 3rd