October 23 – 27

Cyber Safety Awareness assignments are due this week!

The end of the second grading period is FRIDAY! Be proactive about your grades!Business and Technology
Tables & Charts (Critical Thinking Activity 8-1)
Job 58 / Job 59
Job 63 / Job 66


Business Communications
Adding tables / charts / audio / video (Critical Thinking Activity 3-2)
Job 32 / Job 37
Job 40 / Job 41



October 2 – 13

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Click here to read  more about Cyber Security.

Click here for assignments. Email your completed assignments.  Assignments must be submitted by the start of your class period October 27th.  Assignments submitted after the start of your class are considered LATE, and will receive a deduction in points.



Business and Technology
1. MOS Practice (GMetrix)
2. Calculating simple interest, compound interest(assignments)
3. Calculating finance charges & installment loans (assignment)

Business Communications
1. EOPA Practice (GMetrix)
2. Informative Presentations


September 11 -22

We are entering the 2nd grading period of the semester!

Be PROACTIVE about your grades, not REACTIVE.

*Remember to organize your files, folders, and sub-folders!
**QUIZ: Formulas & Functions (September 21st)

1. Textbook: Guided Practice (Lesson 4 -Using spreadsheet formulas)
2. Project 4-4
3. Project 4-5
4. Critical Thinking Activity 4-1

1. Textbook: Guided Practice (Lesson 5 – Using Functions)
2. Project 5-1
3. Project 5-3
4. Project 5-4


*Remember to organize your files, folders, and sub-folders!
***QUIZ: September 21st (PowerPoint Basics)

1. Module Creating, Formatting, and Planning a Presentation
    (presentations & evaluations)
2. Guided Practice (Lesson 3-Working with visual elements)
3. Critical thinking activity  3-1 (collaborative or individual)
4. Critical Thinking activity 3-3 (collaborative or individual)
*Presentations begin October 3rd





September 5 – 8

The end of the grading period is Friday, September 8th.  ALL late assignments & tasks must be submitted by September 8, 2017Ticket redemption is September 8th.


Any student who has not returned a signed Acknowledge of Receipt for the syllabus will receive an 11% deduction in credit for this employability task (after September 8th).
(Ex: 1 pt would be worth .89)


** Click to Access and explore your FREE  Office 365 Account.


Business and Technology
1. When is it better to use a function instead of a formula?
2. Which functions might a young adult use?
3. What is the value of time? Of money?

Job 31 (SUM)
Job 32 (AVG)
Job 33 (MIN/MAX)
Job 34 (MIN/MAX)
Job 36 (PMT)


Business Communications
1. Why is it important to plan prior to creating your presentation?
2. What options can be added to your presentation to enhance the topic?
3. Why might you publish your presentation to the World Wide Web?

Module: Creating, Formatting, and Planning a Presentation



August 28 – September 1

Question of the Week: Have you accessed your FREE Office 365 account? Business & Technology
1. How do I enter worksheet formulas?
2. How do I use functions in Microsoft Excel?
3. When is it better to use a function instead of a formula?
4. What are the advantages of using a spreadsheet?

1. Using simple formulas / complex formulas
2. Job #40: Creating a simple formula
3. Job #8 Create and copy a formula
4. Grocery List Assignment
5. Continue with Module (Formulas & Functions) http://www.gcflearn.org.
Complete the Challenge Exercises (create subfolders)

Business Communications
1. What are some formatting techniques to use with presentation software?
2. What communication skills are critical to success in the workplace?
3. How do gestures, eye contact, and body language impact speaking?
4. How do you identify your target audience?
5.What are some reasons professionals would use presentation software at their

1. “Believe You Can” assignment. Presentations begin Thursday.
2. Continue with Module (Text & Objects) http://www.gcflearn.org.
Complete the Challenge Exercises (create subfolders)

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August 21 – 25

  1. File Management: Why is it important to manage my files, folders, and subfolders?How do I effectively and efficiently manage my files, folders, and subfolders


  • Create folders / sub-folders for all classes
  • Complete & submit skill assessmentImage result for file management

2. Continue with online modules: http://www.gcflearn.org

3. Quiz Thursday (8/24) : Excel Basics / PowerPoint Basics

Level 2: Spreadsheets   (Formulas & Functions)

  • How are spreadsheets used in various types of business?
  • How does spreadsheet software compare to word processing software?

Level 3: Presentations     (Texts & Objects)

  • What basic design guidelines should I use to make an effective presentation?