Feb 12 – 16

Ticket Redemption: Feb 15
GMetrix modules: Complete by Feb 16.  (Score 80%)
End of grading period / Last day to submit missing assignments: Feb 16
February Web Assignment: Due Feb 27

Business and Technology
Skills to Pay the Bills: A Financial Reality Check
Documents: SMART Goals  /   Occupation Comparison

Business Communications
The Components of Communication


Feb. 5 – 9

February Web Assignment  due February 27, prior to the start of class.
Submit via email.

** Bring in old magazines…earn tickets! This week only!

CTE Guiding Questions
1. What factors should you consider when choosing a career path?
2. What are some potential costs of attending / not attending a post-secondary  institution?
3. What transferable skills have you acquired that will benefit you in your career path?

Business & Technology

What are the advantages of using a spreadsheet?
Excel Basics: Create & manage worksheets and workbooks
Create cells and ranges

Business Communications
What basic design guidelines should I use to create an effective  presentation?
PowerPoint Basics: Create & manage presentations
                                      Create slide content

Jan. 22 – Feb. 2

Reminder: January Web Assignment due Jan. 29th by the start of class. Submit via email

Guiding Questions:
1. How do we create an effective & efficient classroom & school environment?
2. Does classroom/ school appearance affect learning, attitudes, etc?
If so how? If no, why not?
3. What are basic techniques to effective communication?
4. Why is it important to learn teamwork, leadership, communication, and
employability skills?
5. How can I effectively use spreadsheet software?
6. How can I effectively use presentation software?

Tasks & Assignments:
-Software skills assessment
-Campus Campaign business letter / memo (due 1/26)
-Modules: The Basics – www.gcflearn.org
– File Management: Folders & Subfolders (1st / 2nd Semester)
– Quiz: Software Basics (2/2)

December 2017

Dec. 6 Dress for Success!
Dec. 12 Dress for Success! / Final Extended Lab of the Semester
Dec. 13. Mock Interview (Level 3 only)
Dec. 14 Last day to submit missing assignments from the 3rd grading period
Dec. 15 Ticket Redemption / Final Projects due (late projects will NOT be accepted!)
Dec. 18 SPENT Extra credit Opportunity due by the end of class. (email submission)
Dec. 19 Final Exam (1st / 2nd)
Dec. 20 Final Exam (3rd / 4th)


Nov. 6-30

Nov. 7   Student Holiday (no school)
Nov. 17 MOS Certification Exam
Nov. 18 Youth United College Workshop
November 20 – 24 Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 27 Personal Statment due
Nov. 29 November Web Assignment due / Shopping on a Budget Field-trip



Business Communications
1. EOPA Practice / PowerPoint Reinforcement
2. Apply to College slideshow / Personal Statment
3. Career Readiness slideshow

Business and Technology
1. MOS Certification practice / Excel Reinforcement
2. Apply to College slideshow / Personal Statement
3. Career Readiness slideshow


Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

We are entering the final grading period of the semester.
Be proactive about your grades, not reactive. 

untitled-1“My Future’s So bright, I gotta wear shades!” 

Apply to College Week (extra credit opportunity):
1. Wear sunglasses (Friday)( up to 3 points)
2. Wear a college t-shirt (Friday) + share 1 (interesting) fact about the college
(up to 5 points)
3. Create a College Pennant -Due Friday ( up to 10 points)



Business Communications
Slide Master View
Hyperlinks & Action Buttons

Business & Technology
Pivot Tables